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Chi-wire puppies for sale (Chihuahua and wire hair terrier mix)

 Chi-wire puppies for sale (Chihuahua and wire hair terrier mix) for sale by owner. Not a puppy mill. They are my children's children !   My kids created a new breed, chi-wire !    They've quite a variety of features, such as short or long hair, 7lbs to 20 lbs., Long or short legs, white or buff blonde usually, always playful, lactose tolerant, very smart and extremely healthy !     Four years proven bloodline. 56 pups adopted out to this date with no issues reported !    Come see them in person to pick your faves,.. video conferencing available.    $500 adoption fee. Only 10% to reserve.    Call or text (text gets quicker response) Kevin Ward 607-269-6626   We have only one boy, and one girl available at the moment. They were born July 21st 2021.     Two of my girls are one month pregnant at this time.   The white one is the male. Pics of the rest of the family upon request