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Healing habitat

      healing habitat - 501(c)3 (a)01                        alliances & advocacies     Are you in need of help to get on your feet again ? We at healing habitat are repurposing grant monies and individual donations, to train you in your areas of interest, to become a tax paying citizen, again, as a wealthy entrepreneur. All materials and training that you need to succeed, freely offered.    Help build your new house on your land, free land, (reference habitat for humanity) or renovate a dilapidated house into a mansion. This program advocates communal tendancies, utilizing free sustainable energies/utilities and sustainable food sources, to bring many together for strength, resilience and success.     Overlying principal to prevent against agency misuse,.. you must continue to pay federal, state and local, their due taxes. We provide short and long-term solutions.       Call or come in person to the community center (operational, yet under renovation) or contact us via email, for