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      healing habitat - 501(c)3 (a)01                        alliances & advocacies
    Are you in need of help to get on your feet again ? We at healing habitat are repurposing grant monies and individual donations, to train you in your areas of interest, to become a tax paying citizen, again, as a wealthy entrepreneur. All materials and training that you need to succeed, freely offered.

   Help build your new house on your land, free land, (reference habitat for humanity) or renovate a dilapidated house into a mansion. This program advocates communal tendancies, utilizing free sustainable energies/utilities and sustainable food sources, to bring many together for strength, resilience and success.

    Overlying principal to prevent against agency misuse,.. you must continue to pay federal, state and local, their due taxes.

We provide short and long-term solutions. 
    Call or come in person to the community center (operational, yet under renovation) or contact us via email, for a rapid response.
Kevin Ward : trustee and community rec. center coordinator 607-269-6626 Kevinhward46@HealingHabitat.org
Alex Wilkenson : faculty coordinator +1 607-793-5379
https://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=100011561410704
Who we are : healing habitat 501(c)3(a)01

If you have a need of any kind, we will provide for it. We only ask in return, that you "pay it forward", in any way u prefer.
Free land, free house, free utilities, free food, and we'll give you the tools (spiritually, emotionally and physically) to accomplish all of your dreams, and you will even be able to afford paying taxes. You will be given all you need to rise up again. 


   Utilizing government grants,individual & corporate donations to: purchase more land, build sustainable, local energy generators, create/maintain sustainable farming & livestock, materials and training to realize income potential as an entrepeneur..
MISSION GOAL : to build communal dependency/sustainability to achieve growth, utilizing all who need, to give BACK to all that need, their dignity.
For further information regarding what we have to offer, as well as a behind the scenes look at who's involved and how they are helping,.. follow the movement on my Facebook page.

                    Opening fund-raising event/exhibition TBD  


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 "If you look deep enough, the way I got down low enough to see, literally and figuratively, you'd see they aren't a homeless problem,.. they are national resource." - Mission statement by Kevin Ward

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